55th Reunion Concert
CD, 2005


June 4, 2005

Production Information:
Produced by Mark Tavern
Recorded by James Wildman

Other Comments:
Because turnout for the reunion was so good, we had too much music for the 45 minute program we’d been given time for. In order to allow all groups the opportunity to take part, we just started early and performed as the audience made their way into the Chapel. When the concert was about to begin we simply left the stage and returned while Jerry Peters ’95 announced the concert was starting. We recorded both parts.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94



1. Intro

2. Interstate Love Song

3. Is She Really Going Out With Him

4. Please Kind Sir

5. Nagasaki

6. Java Jive

7. With or Without You

8. Concert Intro

9. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

10. My Evaline

11. College Days

12. Aura Lee Take 1

13. Aura Lee Take 2

14. Flamin’ Mamie

15. I Hear A Voice

16. Silhouettes

17. Swing Down, Chariot

18. Perfidia

19. Insomniac

20. Ride The Chariot

21. A Parting Blessing

22. Tribute

23. Coney Island Baby