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Production Information:
Released on CD and cassette
Cover and traycard compilation: Leigh Dart
Edited and mastered at WSLU by Lamar Bliss, Tim Gallagher, Kenneth Hughes and Lucas Clark
Digital premastering: Beth Newlon at Triple Disc
Manufactured by Triple Disc

Jason Beerman ’99, Alzhan Braliev ’96, Lucas Clark ’97, Kurt Detwiler ’96, Raynor Duncombe ’97, Adam French ’97, Kenneth Hughes ’98, Joseph Liberty ’96, Matthew Lyndaker ’96, David McIntire ’98, Jerry Peters ’95, Blair Raker ’98, Adam Schrader ’99, Eben Slaunwhite ’98, Adam Sugarman ’97, Michael Toomey ’97, Jeffrey (Uch) Uchin ’95

Other Comments:
This was the first Saints album to deliberately feature the performances of groups that spanned more than four college years. Because of the difficulties involved with album production (preparing enough music, obtaining funds, scheduling, etc.), the group decided to purchase a DAT recorder to capture concerts and record each year in the WSLU/North Country Public Radio studio during Senior Week. By doing so they would be able to record enough material from which to cull a respectable album, and insure that every Saint gets the chance to appear on record, even if one wasn’t released while they were at SLU.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94



1. A Funny Thing Happened. . .

2. Is She Really Going Out With Him – solo: Joseph Liberty

3. Perfidia (Traditional Melody [sic])

4. If I Fell (Lennon/McCartney; arr. Raker) – solo: Raker

5. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (Mann/Lowe; arr. Duncombe) – solo: David McIntire

6. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Kennedy/Simon; arr. Clark)

7. College Days (DeGraaf/Gulick)

8. Solsbury Hill (Gabriel; arr. Clark) – solo: Michael Toomey

9. Spiderman (Lemberg; arr. Tavern) solo: Adam French

10. Goodbye Blue Sky (Waters; arr. Duncombe/Clark)

11. Saints Disclaimer

12. Sexual Healing (Gaye; arr. Tavern) – solo: Joseph Liberty

13. Little Bitty Pretty One (Day; arr. Duncombe) – solo: Adam French

14. Gulf War Song (Moxy Fruvous; arr. Tavern/Clark)

15. King of Spain (Moxy Fruvous; arr. Duncombe/Clark) – solo: Raynor Duncombe

16. Dream A Little Dream (Kahn/Schwandt/Andre)

17. Moondance (Morrison; arr. Lyndaker) – solos: Joseph Liberty and Matthew Lyndaker

18. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – solo: Matthew Lyndaker

19. A Parting Blessing (Traditional; arr. Williams) / Tribute(Brush/Shilkret; arr. Larraway)