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1956 (No specific date is given but the notes refer to this as being SLU’s “Centennial Year.”)

Production Information:
Released as a 12” 33 1/3 LP only (XTV24960-1A/XTV24961-1B)
Initial production was done at the studios of radio station WTRY, Troy, New York, under the direction of Paul Flanagan and Frank Belaska
Pressed but not recorded by Columbia Records
Columbia Recordings and Transcriptions
The cover was designed by Jay Nichols, St. Lawrence Student
Litho in USA by Victory Offset, NYC

V. Philip Boname ’56 (Director), Richard V. Dodd ’56, David C. Baker ’58, Peter N. Knost ’58, Thomas E. Halpin ’56, Robert P. Campbell ’58, Victor B. Harrison Jr. ’57, Harry S. Houlis ’56, Richard C. Perry ’58, Allen S. Jacobsen ’57, Leonard A. Price ’56, John F. Whiteside, Jan Vickery Knost ’56 and Michael Irvin ’58

Other Comments:
I’m not sure when we started calling this Saints ’56 because neither the labels nor the jacket include the date.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94




Side One: Saints in a Heavy Mood
1. Tribute

2. Mood Indigo

3. The Day Isn’t Long Enough

4. Hush-A-Bye

5. Blue World

6. Deed I Do (solo: Jan Knost)

7. Teasin’

8. Cool Water

9. Little Jimmy Brown

10. Aura Lee

11. Anywhere I Wander


Side Two: Saints in a Light Mood
1. Winter Song

2. Ah Lushka Lushka

3. De Animals

4. My Evaline

5. Ostrich Pickin’ Time

6. George Jones

7. Sophomoric Philosophy

8. In My Arms

9. In the Land

10. Ride the Chariot

11. Tribute