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Production Information:
Released on Cassette only
Recorded by Rob Zolner in Gunnison Memorial Chapel, December 1987

David Dunne ‘90, Andy Hewson ‘90, Andy McElderry ‘88, Charlie Bailey ‘88, Jeffrey Yun ‘88, John Griffith ‘91, Ted Duncan ‘88, David Platten ‘89, Mike Hicks ‘90, Chris Lucchese ‘88, Matt Mazzaroppi, Mark Talluto ‘90, John Van Wagner ‘89

Other Comments:
While these sessions were recorded digitally, only analog cassettes were manufactured. The artwork appears to be designed using a word processor and photocopier and then hand-folded and inserted into the cassette boxes. As a result, when we decided to include a discography in the liner notes for Over The Hill, we couldn’t locate what we thought was an original–even though we had one–because we confused the hand-made artwork with a bad photocopy job. (We actually thought we had somebody’s dubbed copy and not the real thing.) To compensate, the cover was redesigned and appears here. It wasn’t until the 55th Reunion that we realized our mistake and learned that three different versions of the art exist. The originals are in the image archive, here, here and here.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94



Side 1
1. Java Jive

2. Happy Together

3. Nagasaki

4. In My Room

5. Take It Back

Side 2
1. Up the Ladder to the Roof

2. Honey

3. Heavenly Bodies

4. Parting Blessing

5. Tribute