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Production Information:
Released on 12” 33 1/3 LP only (MS #6A165 CO 1447 A/CO 1447 B)
Produced by Hugh Biele ’65 and David Parker ’65
Recorded in June 1965 at Tony Riposo Studio, Syracuse, NY

Bob Ludwig, Jeff Meltzer, Chris Demerrit, Scarby Smith, Alan Fisher, Joel Bixby, Luke Edman, Hugh Biele, Bob Uchitel, Bryan Ingalls, Bob Weller, Mike Caswell, Bob Cesbro

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94




Side 1
1. Trolley Song

2. Wagon Wheels

3. Cockles and Mussels

4. Flamin’ Mamie (solo: Hugh Biele)

5. Dancing on the Ceiling (solo: Bob Chesbro)

6. Tea For Two

7. Mood Indigo (solo: Bob Weller)

8. E-ri-e (solos: Bob Uchitel, Chris Demerrit)

9. Tribute (Lud, Irving, C.O., Scrappy, Jim, George, Edmanson, Huge, Ukey, Brians, Scoffer, Caz, Lesbo)

Side 2
1. My Avaline (solo: Brian [sic] Ingalls)

2. The Way You Look Tonight (solo: Bob Uchitel)

3. ‘Deed I Do (solo: Bob Ludwig)

4. Thank Heaven For Little Girls (solo: Bob Chesbro)

5. Acne (solo: Bob Weller)

6. I Could Write A Book

7. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor (solo: Bob Ludwig)

8. Ride the Chariot (solos: Hugh Biele, Al Fisher)

9. Liza—The Party’s Over (solo: Bob Weller)