Recorded on March 23, 1954 and broadcast on March 27. The LP labels indicate March 24, though this is probably the date the LP was made.

Production Information/Matrix Numbers:
Released on 12” 33 1/3 LP only; not commercially available
Transcription of a broadcast on CBS Radio Boston – WEEI, 850 AM
The label indicates “Daniel F. Sullivan, Co.” but doesn’t indicate whether they produced and/or manufactured the LP. There is no art.

No personnel is listed, but, an unnamed announcer interviews Bill Moncrieff ‘54, Howard Crowell ‘54 and Dick Robie ‘54.

Other Comments:
Disc transfer by Jon Samuels with very minor restoration. This recording also appears as the last eight tracks on the 50th Reunion Concert CD.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94



1. Introduction

2. Mood Indigo

3. Bermuda Buggy Ride

4. Louisville Lou

5. Interviews

6. Teasin’

7. Hush-a-bye

8. A Tribute