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Spring 1995

Production Information:
Released on cassette only (SING)
Recorded by John Stone in Gulick Theater
Edited and Mastered at WSLU by Lamar Bliss, John Stone, Jerry Peters, Matthew Lyndaker
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, NJ

Other Comments:
The first Vocal Accord (held in February 1994) was so successful that a second was scheduled the following year. It was decided that a recording of the concert would be useful, not to the current group, but all of those performing, including the Sinners, Instrumentally Challenged and Binghamton Crosbys.

–comments by Mark Tavern ’94

Vocal Accord ’95 was conceived in an effort to help the Sinners and Instrumentally Challenged obtain a live recording of their performances. The Sinners were trying to become more professional and tour but had trouble getting bookings because they had no albums or other recordings to provide to other groups. Instrumentally Challenged was only two years old in 1995, and they had no recordings, either. The Saints had become very good friends of Instrumentally Challenged, performing with them three times in two years, so it was decided the Saints would fund a live album from Vocal Accord ’95 and offer copies to the Sinners and Instrumentally Challenged. (The Bucknell Bison Chips were offered a share as well, but they declined.)

We commissioned some original artwork from my friend, Andrew Hotis, to save on production costs as well.

Unfortunately, when we saw the proof of the album cover, something was very wrong. The production company had put “The Singing Saints” on the album cover and refused to redesign it unless we paid them another $500, more than half the cost of the whole project!!! We knew the Sinners and IC would be upset that the cover had the Saints’ name on it and not theirs. We just couldn’t afford to fix the proof. We hoped they would understand since the albums were completely funded by the Saints.

IC accepted our apology, and, since they hadn’t paid anything for the tapes, they really couldn’t argue too much. But they were understandably disappointed, and the Saints were embarrassed they hadn’t been able to deliver the promised product.

The Sinners, on the other hand, were extremely upset! They never did except our apology. In the end, it was just one of those awkward, unfortunate things; we tried to do some friends a favor, and it backfired. We’d do it again, though. And this time, we’d be even MORE specific with the production company!

–comments by Jerry Peters ’95

Side A:
Singing Saints
1. Istanbul

2. Goodbye Blue Sky

3. Spiderman

4. Dream a Little Dream

5. Walk of Life

Instrumentally Challenged

6. You Really Got a Hold on Me
7. Orinoco Flow
8. Missionary Man
9. Take It to the Limit
10. Somebody to Love
11. Homeless
12. Java Jive

Side B:
Singing Sinners

1. Like a Prayer
2. Heaven
3. Hush
4. Sweet Dreams

Binghamton Crosbys

5. Big Bad Bill
6. Heavenly
7. The Crosby Jam
8. Major Tom
9. Me and the Boys
10. Goodbye to Yesterday
11. Up the Ladder