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50th Reunion Concert
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50th Reunion Concert
CD, 2000










1. My Evaline

2. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
3. College Days
4. Flamin' Mamie
5. Aj Lucka Lucka
6. Aura Lee, Take 1
7. Aura Lee, Take 2
8. Please, Kind Sir
9. Perfidia
10. Nagasaki
11. Hush-a-bye
12. Ride the Chariot
13. A Parting Blessing
14. A Tribute
15. Coney Island Baby


June 3, 2000

Production Information
Released on CD only to Singing Saints alumni
Produced by Mark Tavern
Recorded by Mark Tavern and Al Netto
Edited by Marian M. Conaty at BMG Studios, New York, NY, and Jon M. Samuels at Recorded Legacy
Disc to Tape Transfer by Jon M. Samuels (WEEI Broadcast portion)

Other Information
Jon M. Samuels appeared on the PBS series The History Detecives:

--comments by Mark Tavern '94