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Current Members


Membership in the Singing Saints is decided by audition and is open to all male undergraduate students at St. Lawrence University. Members of the Singing Saints come from a variety of musical backgrounds, class years, and majors.

For a list of upcoming performances, check the News section.


Singing Saints Officers:

Business Director: Mitch Galli '12
Music Director: Sam Gradess '11

Current Members:

Joe Alvin '11
Andy Caswell '14
John T. Curle '12
Henry D. Eisenhart '12
Connor P. Eldridge '13
Jonathan A. Foster-Moore '13
Jay Fuhrman '14
Mitchell G. Galli '12
Samuel J. Gradess '11
Collin F. Henderson '12
Jonathan E. Levinson '11
Colin S. Loomis '12
Douglas C. McWilliams '12
Jackson Penfield-Cyr '14


The Singing Saints usually hold auditions twice a year, as early to the beginning of each semester as possible. Auditions are open to all male undergraduates at St. Lawrence University. No musical experience is required, but those who try out for the Saints are asked to prepare a solo before their audition to perform for the group. Auditions usually last about fifteen minutes. In the audition, we test the range of your voice, ask you to go up and down some scales, sing in a group setting, perform some sight reading, and perform your solo.

Being a member of the Singing Saints is a commitment. Our group rehearses at least three times each week, travels to perform off-campus, and holds at least two major concerts on campus each semester in front of an audience of hundreds. If you think you have what it takes to be a Singing Saints, come audition for us and become a part of the 58-year tradition of a cappella at St. Lawrence.

The dates and times of auditions are posted around campus the first few weeks of each semester. If you have any questions about the audition process or our organization, please contact us.