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Saints on the Rocks
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front cover

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back cover

Saints on the Rocks
LP, early 1960s

Side 1
1. Ride the Chariot


2. Husabye (Wally Wasmer)


3. My Evaline


4. Bermuda


5. In My Arms


6. Jerusalem Morning


Side 2
1. The Day Isn’t Long Enough


2. Eye Lusshka


3. Shangri-La


4. High Noon


5. Mood Indigo


6. Give Me Your Tired Your Poor



1961 (No date is noted explicitly, but the class years of the group members would indicate the period as 1961-1963; the notes indicate that Jobes—among others—is leaving, probably putting the release in early 1961.)

Production Information
Released as a 12” 33 1/3 LP only (12-5933, M8OP-5933/M8OP-5944, M8OP5933-1/M8OP5934-1)
Printing and albums by MacMurray Press, NY.
The liner notes reference this as being recorded live at the Tick Tock; a recently found contact sheet containing other photos from the same night confirms that. Also, there is a reference in a Saints marketing brochure of the same era to it being produced by RCA Victor, and while the matrix numbers are consistent with RCA Victor “custom” numbers, there is no indication on the package that RCA Victor was involved.

Bass 1: Jack Jobes (Leader), Dave Geis, Doug Lawrence, Wally Wasmer, Chuck Perkett
Tenor 1: Dick Moloy, Dick Romano
Bass 2: John Butler, Al Martin, Bruce Williams
Tenor 2: Bob Clarke, Tom Funicello, Tom Hanewald, Jon Kingsepp

Other Comments
The liner notes say that this is the first time the Saints “hold center stage on a recording” despite the existence of the earlier Saints-only record, Saints. Also, there is a reference in a Saints marketing brochure of the same era to this being the “fourth” album. However, it can only be the fourth if the 1954 recording of the Saints WEEI-Boston radio broadcast "Transcribed" is included, even though it was never released commercially.

--comments by Mark Tavern '94